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Customer Service: 1-800-344-1029
M–F  8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

Our customer service support area provides contract information, transaction processing, contract balances, portfolio performance, and portfolio share prices.
  Automated Service 1-800-344-1029
Automated account access 24/7

Our automated service for contract access 24 hours a day including transactions, contract balances, portfolio performance and portfolio share prices.
Mailing Address: John Hancock Annuities Service Center
P O Box 55444
Boston MA 02205-5444
  Overnight Address: John Hancock
27 DryDock Ave STE 3
Boston, MA 02210-2382
For GAC - Group Deferred Annuity - Please call 1-800-624-5155
Advisers Call: 1-800-334-4437

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