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Who was John Hancock:

John Hancock, one of our country’s founding fathers, played a pivotal role in the founding of our nation and in 1776 was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. With his large, distinctive signature, he forever left his bold and flourishing mark on American history. As a patriot, John Hancock labored to set a new course for America and worked to establish guiding principles of freedom for the country. He and our other forefathers fought for democracy, self-determination and a future that they owned – a future filled with hope for the country.

John Hancock Financial was founded 147 years ago with similar values.  This financial institution chose the name John Hancock, as the name stands for integrity, strong values, consistency, and enduring support.  Even today, when one “leaves his John Hancock” on something, it signifies it is a promise that will be kept.

As you are researching the patriot, John Hancock and learning about his past contributions to American independence and freedom, think about how he helped shape our country’s guiding principles. What characteristics define John Hancock and what can we learn from his actions?

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