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The "living benefits" of annuities can help you grow your retirement savings and provide regular income in retirement. The advantages for your loved ones, including beneficiary protection, mean annuities can play a crucial role in your legacy plan.

You Can Talk To Your Adviser About…

  • How with the "death benefit" of an annuity, if you die prior to annuitizing your contract (converting your annuity into regular income payments), your beneficiary or beneficiaries are guaranteed to received a specified amount of money—typically at least as much as you contributed in payments.

Life Insurance

Your life insurance policy has an important place in your legacy plan; it is designed to protect your loved ones. You can also consider giving your life insurance policy to your spouse, child or an irrevocable trust. This removes the policy from your taxable estate and can reduce the taxes that your heirs will face.

You Can Talk To Your Adviser About…

  • The options for your life insurance policy and the range of choices you have.
  • How your life insurance policy can provide for your beneficiaries when you are no longer here and what you can do with your policy now to minimize estate taxes for your loved ones. For example, you can remove your life insurance policy from your taxable estate while continuing to pay the policy's premiums.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Protecting assets is an importance part of leaving a legacy. By helping to cover the significant costs associated with receiving long-term care, a long-term care (LTC) insurance policy helps you to preserve your assets for their intended purpose.

You Can Talk To Your Adviser About…

  • How LTC insurance can help protect your assets and your family in the event you need long-term care, and help enable you to face your future with confidence.
  • The benefits of proactive LTC planning, and how buying an LTC insurance policy when you are relatively young and healthy can help reduce the cost of your policy.

How John Hancock Can Help: Steve's Story

Steve Steve
< My mom left the family business to my sister and me. We want to make sure we're as well prepared as she was.

Steve and family Steve and family
< Mom was great in making sure everything she worked so hard for would benefit our family—that's a legacy we want to continue.

Steve and his adviser Steve and his adviser
< I just met with my financial adviser and walked through the same estate planning strategy Mom used. You never know what the future is going to bring but you can definitely be ready.

Steve's story is a hypothetical situation.

Extending Retirement

Talk to your financial adviser about an annuity's ability to provide a base level of lifetime income. This can help you manage the retirement challenges of rising inflation and having enough money to last for an extended retirement.

Retirement Concepts

Cost of Care

No matter how financially secure you are, the cost of long-term care could impact your life's savings. That's why long-term care insurance can help provide the protection you and your family need.

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Products To Help With Leaving A Legacy

Annuities Annuities

They combine tax-deferred savings with insurance benefits and offer living benefits to you and death benefits to your beneficiaries.

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Life Insurance Life Insurance

Provide financial protection to those who rely on you.

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Long-Term Care Insurance Long-Term Care Insurance

This insurance helps protect your assets and your family, while ensuring that you will have options if you need care.

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