How can you prepare for the unexpected?

Long-Term Care Insurance

As you approach retirement, you may think about spending quality time with your family, or pursuing your travel, education, and other passions. Long-term care insurance can help you protect the assets that you’ve worked so hard to save, so your retirement dreams may come true.

You Can Talk To Your Adviser About…

  • How a long-term care insurance policy can help protect you and your family from the high cost associated with long-term care.
  • Why it's smart to plan ahead. Long-term care insurance can be more affordable when you're young and healthy.

How John Hancock Can Help: Catherine's Story

Catherine Catherine
< My mother has been living with us for awhile and was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. It's difficult to watch her health deteriorate and there is added stress on my husband and kids.

Catherine and family Catherine and family
< I believe that if my husband and I ever need help, we can rely on our kids—that's what a family is for—but I don’t want to be a burden.

Catherine and her financial adviser Catherine and her financial adviser
< Recently, when we met with our adviser, long-term care insurance came up. It's amazing but we never talked about it. I'm happy we did because it gives us what we need—protection for the future.

Catherine's story is a hypothetical situation.

Cost of Care

No matter how financially secure you are, the cost of long-term care could severely impact your life's savings. That's why long-term care insurance can help provide the protection you and your family need.

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Product To Help With Preparing For Illness And Injury

Long-Term Care Insurance
Long-Term Care Insurance

This insurance gives you additional confidence
in the future and ensures that you will have
options if you become ill.

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