ETP runners Make It Their Moment

From lacing up sneakers for the first training run to receiving a finisher medal, every runner has a story that led them to the Boston Marathon. Over the course of their training, employees in our Employee Training Program (ETP) will share the moments that make up their journey to the finish line.


harrington-runner Tina Harrington Mutual Fund Tax Supervisor, John Hancock Fund Administration Boston, MA

How did you get your start in running?

I actually hated running when I was young. I’m from New York City and my friends would joke that the only running I was doing was to hail a taxi. In 2013, I became a mom and wanted to be a healthy role model for my daughter, Emily. I lost 90 pounds by changing my eating habits, but I really needed exercise to keep it off. I chose running because all you needed was a pair of good sneakers. I am excited to say this will be my first marathon. Last May, I ran a half marathon in Maine and it was a blast! Really looking forward to the Boston Marathon!

When it comes to the Boston Marathon, how will you Make It Your Moment?

My moments derive from my weekly long runs. Every Saturday I run around Winchester. I pound the sidewalk, the roads, and even sometimes the cemetery. Some days I make mistakes – eating the wrong foods, giving up on a run, or grabbing an Uber, rather than walking. All of these moments will help me reach the finish line, because I am constantly learning from my mistakes.

What is your favorite Boston Marathon memory?

Last year on Marathon Monday, I had lunch with a friend and we sat at the bar so we could watch the elite women run. Someone asked if we were actually watching because they wanted to change the channel. I was shocked – ‘Yes, we are watching! It’s the Boston Marathon!’


How did you get your start in running?

I started running on Oct. 25, 2007, exactly 18 months before a special birthday. It was my goal to be in better shape on my birthday than ever before. I ran three times a week for 30 minutes on the treadmill and hated it. I told my husband I would NEVER run a marathon. I was wrong!

In total, I have completed seven marathons, including two Boston Marathons. The 2011 Boston Marathon, through the ETP, was my first ever.

When it comes to the Boston Marathon, how will you Make It Your Moment?

2017 is the 50th anniversary of Katherine Switzer’s historic Boston Marathon run and she will once again lace up her shoes. Katherine was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry, in 1967.

To come from hating running and never being athletic, to running on the same day, on the same course as Katherine, will definitely make this Boston Marathon My Moment.

What is your favorite Boston Marathon memory?

Crossing the finish line in 2011 – my first ever marathon finish – and hearing the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive” playing on the speakers. I wanted to dance right then and there!

michelle lenox picture Michelle Lenox AVP, Financial Analysis Waterloo, Ontario
SK Chan SK Chan Associate Director, Business Development, Individual Financial Products Hong Kong

How did you get your start in running?

I picked up long distance running a few years back and since then I have participated in a few half marathons. Last year, I began my quest to complete full marathons.

My first marathon was in Osaka and it was absolutely unforgettable and enjoyable. I went on to run marathons in Hokkaido, Japan and Hong Kong.

2017 will be my first time running the Boston Marathon. I am very excited and looking forward to this once in life time experience.

When it comes to the Boston Marathon, how will you Make It Your Moment?

To me, the Boston Marathon is the marathon of all marathons. All the training I am putting in will help me Make it my Moment. The up-hill runs in preparation for Heart Break Hill, the speed intervals, and the long runs are all worth it to cross the Boston Marathon finish line.

Another way I will Make It My Moment is by exploring the City of Boston with my wife, who will be traveling with me to experience this world class event. The fact that I know she will be at the finish line cheering me on is definitely motivation to complete the race.

Also, if I have a chance to have a selfie with Meb, that will be a perfect way of Making It My Moment in Boston.

What has been your favorite Boston Marathon memory?

I am sure the 121st Boston Marathon will leave me with so many great memories and moments. I am honored and grateful to Manulife for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to participate in this event. I am going to enjoy it and will make it an experience that I will never forget.