Make It Your Moment

Whether you are in Connecticut or Kenya, if you hear a runner refer to “Boston” you know exactly what they mean. The word “Marathon” has become superfluous when it comes to the storied route from Hopkinton to Boylston Street. It is the pinnacle of racing; a course that requires determination, passion and pride to conquer. To the marathon community, these characteristics are simply synonymous with Boston.

For runners, spectators, and volunteers, each Marathon Monday becomes part of a legendary story that weaves through the years like the hills and turns of the course itself. The 26.2 miles are marked by inspiring moments from days gone by, paving the way for all of those yet to come. So many moments make up a marathon– a runner’s grueling training schedule, a fundraiser’s climbing CrowdRise ticker, a spectator’s race day traditions. All uniquely personal, but when looked at together they truly embody what it means to #BeBoston.

Just as the Boston Marathon transforms those who conquer it, it too has been shaped by those who have crossed the iconic finish line. As the cycle of history continues, records will be set, new champions will be crowned, and fundraising numbers will rise. A race which is always running toward the future, every year becoming a new personal best.

Make it your moment. Share your photos and videos using #BeBoston throughout the marathon season. Whether you are a runner, a volunteer, or a spectator, the moments you collect will forever connect you to the greatest race on earth.