A Year in Review: John Hancock & NTI

Last December John Hancock partnered with NTI, the Leaders in Placing Americans with Disabilities back into the workplace, to place those with severe disabilities in roles as customer service agents. Through this partnership, John Hancock and NTI are embarking on a mission to support the United Nation’s goals of decent work and economic growth for persons with disabilities.

In celebration of the UN designated International Day for Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd, we are reflecting on a year of successful working relationships. One priority for making the NTI partnership successful was creating a strong team that felt connected regardless of location. According to Kathy Chauvin, who started in September, this is working quite well, “This position is working from home but not being alone. I’m surrounded by wonderful, encouraging people every day, and the job has brought me a sense of accomplishment and purpose.”

The partnership with the National Telecommuting Institute (NTI), another example of John Hancock’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, is helping to attract another set of talented individuals into the workforce. The opportunities afforded by this program have made an enormous difference in the lives of those who were hired. “

This position represents a new chapter in my life,” says Richard Anderson, a CSR recruited as part of the NTI partnership. “The experiences afforded to me as a result of accepting this role have proven far more rewarding than I anticipated. The ability to work from home and still feel valued is tremendous when you are disabled!”

NTI offers placement services in 47 states within the U.S. The individuals in the John Hancock program are located all across the country but received the same training as one would receive onsite, only virtually. For Sarah Clark, one of the employee trainers, the experience has been equally rewarding, “From the moment I stepped into the virtual “classroom” on Day 1 of training, the level of experience and expertise within the collective group was palpable. These were former financial consultants, IT professionals, and U.S. servicemen and women, all with very valuable skills acquired over a lifetime of professional experience. I’m honored to have facilitated a successful reintegration into the work force and into meaningful, fulfilling roles at John Hancock.”

The remote training is an aspect of the program that participants find particularly valuable, because of the obstacles leaving the house often present. “This role is different from ones I’ve held in the past,” says James, who credits the ease of training for his love of the job. “We had the luxury of training at home and being supported by fantastic instructors and mentors. This experience has eliminated so much of the stress that comes with just leaving the house for an individual with a disability.”

The program has been so successful that the Company is planning to hire additional workers over the next several months. The partnership with NTI has resulted in more than increased wages for those who have been hired, according to some it has changed their lives. In the words of Christine Mahoney “Working for John Hancock has allowed me to believe in myself again. Before starting this job, my disability was defining and limiting me. This position, and this company, has built my self-confidence and made me feel accepted for exactly who I am.”


To learn more about NTI and the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, visit http://www.ntiathome.org/work-at-home-jobs-disabled.shtm

photo-international-day-for-persons-with-disabilities To learn more about NTI and the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, visit http://www.ntiathome.org/work-at-home-jobs-disabled.shtm