Personalized financial plan
for your budget

We recognize goals come in all shapes and sizes and strongly believe a smart financial plan shouldn’t be dependent on your net worth. That’s why we offer personalized, flexible financial planning packages so you can get a lot of help, or a little, based on what you need.

Unlike the other guys, you are not required to have an account or invest assets at John Hancock to work with us. You don’t even need to have “assets” at all. Everyone starts somewhere, start with us.


Individual Planning Packages $250

When an Individual Planning Package is the best option:

You’re feeling pretty good about your overall situation but looking for clarity in a particular area of your life. Maybe a recent life-changing event made you consider your financial situation more closely or you know a big change is coming up. In these cases, these packages are a great way to get you started and get advice tailored to your specific need.



Each package includes:

  • Up to 60-minute conversation with a Financial Planner
  • Thorough analysis of your needs, habits and goals pertaining to your planning package
  • Action Plan outlining next steps and recommendations
  • Access to our Personal Planning Portal*



Future Forward Plan $999

When the Future Forward Plan is the best option:

Your situation is more complex and you want to make sure all your bases are covered. In other words, you want the works. The Future Forward Plan involves a thorough analysis of your entire financial picture. We will look at all aspects of your life including budgeting and savings, investments and asset allocation, debt management, insurance, education, retirement and estate planning.



The Future Forward Plan Includes:

  • Up to 60-minute conversation with a CFP® 
  • Thorough analysis of your needs, habits and goals
  • Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Delivery meeting with your CFP® to review plan and discuss next steps
  • Access to personal Planning Portal*

We’re ready to talk, anytime

Call us at (888) 955-5432 to speak to us now and schedule a one-on-one no-obligation consultation with a financial professional.

* All plans come with one year of complimentary access to our Planning Portal - a personal financial management tool where you can aggregate financial accounts, access budgeting tools, monitor cash flows, manage debt, and more. After your plan’s 1-year anniversary, your access will expire unless you choose to renew your access for another year for $99 or update your plan for $250.
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