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Holiday spending sweaters: it can get ugly

Finance 101

The holidays are all about giving and receiving, but don’t let it get you carried away!

After all, whether it’s splurging on yourself, over-spending on everyone else or just being a bit of a penny-pinching Grinch, we all can be a little guilty of getting caught up in an ugly habit or two while holiday shopping.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’ve taken five of the most common ugly shopping tendencies and transformed into holiday sweaters. Which sweater best suits you?

The Self-Splurger

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to time, but if you’re overspending on everything shiny that catches your eye, you might break your budget for the season. You can help quit this ugly habit by practicing mindfulness at checkout. Think to yourself: Do I really need this? 

Black sweater with a pug eating candy canes in a santa hat on it

The Over-Gifter

Everyone loves finding the perfect present, but over-gifting can blow up your budget. Keep this ugly habit in check by staying on top of your account balance—if you keep track of how much you’re spending on the important people in your life, it’ll be easier to stay focused on only spending what you can afford. And remember, presents like homemade cookies or handmade cards make great gifts, too.

Royal blue sweater with 3 piles of wrapped presents on it

The Procrastinator

When you wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping, you tend to panic and can end up overspending. Help quit this habit by planning ahead and seeking out holiday sales: Make sure to have a gift list and check it twice. You could also stock up on gifts earlier in the season to save in the long run. 

Extra small pink sweater with a Christmas tree on it and a sales tag

The Impulse Shopper

Nothing feels better than seeing that sweater in your feed and clicking ‘Shop Now.’ While retailers may love it when we shop without thinking, impulse buying can have some downright dreadful financial consequences. Help quit this habit by creating a 30-day wait list for big purchases in order to save more and prioritize what you really need.  

Green sweater with garlands of dollar bills and piggy banks on it

The Penny-Pincher

Being careful with your money is always a good idea, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying giving the season. After all, you can be smart about spending without being miserly. Be patient and wait for sales and other holiday discounts on the things you want to buy, or go the homemade route for something even more unique.

A green sweater with a piece of paper on it that reads "This is my holiday sweater"

Even if you won first prize at the Ugly Financial Sweater party last year, a conversation with a financial advisor is a good way to break that trend and help make sure your holiday budget is merry and bright.