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Supplier diversity

We place importance on maintaining a diverse supplier base that provides a broad range of perspectives, skills, and experiences, in addition to quality and cost effectiveness. 

As part of our commitment, John Hancock is a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).  Through these memberships, we actively support purchases from qualified women-owned business enterprises (WBEs) and LGBT business enterprises (LGBTBEs), either directly or indirectly with our primary suppliers.  

Our diverse supplier base recognizes the importance of businesses owned by minorities, women, LGBT, people with disabilities, veterans, and service-disabled veterans.  

We welcome all diverse suppliers pursuing opportunities at John Hancock by completing our Diversity Supplier Registration Form below. Please understand that registration does not guarantee winning a John Hancock bid, and does not qualify the registrant as a preferred John Hancock supplier. Registrants must be certified through an accredited third-party certifying entity.

MWBE Second Tier Reporting Form

If you have provided services to John Hancock and have Second Tier Spend to report, please provide this information below.

There are two types of MWBE spend: Direct and Indirect. Direct spend is preferred.

Direct Spend

With Direct spend, a Primary Supplier tracks specific goods or services provided by an MWBE to John Hancock. Direct services can include the use of MWBE consultants or legal counsel.

John Hancock purchases remanufactured toner from a Primary Supplier who fills the order using an MWBE Manufacturer. The Primary Supplier reports the actual quarterly MWBE spend amount for this product attributed to John Hancock.

If you are able to provide Direct Spend Reporting, please provide the following:

Indirect Spend

With Indirect spend, a Primary Supplier does not distribute specific goods manufactured by MWBEs. Instead, the Primary Supplier tracks the business it does with MWBE suppliers as part of its overall operations and then pro-rates this spend.

A Primary airline supplier purchases plastic cups from an MWBE for on-board beverage service. The second tier supplier diversity report to John Hancock will include a percentage of the airlines total quarterly spend with this, and all other MWBE suppliers that is equal to the percentage of the airline's revenue that comes from John Hancock. If John Hancock's business equals 2% of the airlines quarterly revenue, then 2% of the airline's spend with MWBEs is reported to John Hancock.


Please complete the report below that corresponds to the type of MWBE spend reporting you are able to provide. Direct spend is preferred. Only report MWBE spend via one of the methods below.