John Hancock Signature Series

We asked our employees to share their big ideas, personal experiences and unique perspectives.

Sharing What Makes Us, Us at John Hancock

This year, we launched Signature Series at John Hancock to challenge our usual way of thinking and spark new conversations at work. Employees had the chance to apply and share their story for the opportunity to be professionally coached by TED and express their big idea or personal experience on stage in September. At the special event, their fellow employees were inspired by the ideas and experiences they may never have heard from the people they sit next to every day.   

These stories reflect the diversity of our company’s culture and help foster an inclusive and open environment at John Hancock.



Introducing Signature Series: Our talk series featuring the big ideas, personal experiences and unique perspectives of our employees. These stories will reflect our culture and strategy – but also challenge our usual way of thinking and spark new conversations.

Rising To The Challenge Of Financial Equity
Rita German | Director, Community Investment 

There is a glaring wealth and asset gap among communities of color and their white counterparts. Rita introduces her big idea that will help us achieve true equity.

Highlights - John Hancock Signature Series:

On September 26, 10 brave John Hancock employees took the stage to share their most personal stories and biggest ideas with the company, as part of the John Hancock Signature Series. Here are the highlights.

The Millennial Dictionary 
MacKenzie Hawe | WAM Marketing Coordinator, Digital 

Growing up in the digital age has left millennials communicating and connecting differently. MacKenzie shows why companies need the millennial perspective.

Life Insurance Through The Lens Of A Six-Year Old
Erin Finnegan | Manager, Employee Communications 

I’m tired of life insurance having an image problem,” says Erin. Learn why she chose a career in the industry and is determined to change the conversation.

The Evolution Of K88901 
Emily Kim Ae Sun Hunter | Strategy and Implementation Consultant, Annuities Ops Management 

Emily’s upbringing was far from typical. As an adopted twin from South Korea raised in New Hampshire, she explains her struggle with finding her identity.

Connecting To Heal After Tragedy 
Michelle D L’Heureux | Senior Operations Key Account Manager 

A survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, Michelle describes the power of resilience and connection in healing after acts of terrorism.

The Minimalism Paradox 
Tom Riesenberg | Operations Manager, LTC Transformation

Can having less “stuff” help you achieve more? Tom shares how his journey toward minimalism has led to a life of more abundance and less stress.

Saying Yes To Rejection
Jeff Metivier | Team Manager - Retirement Plan Services,
Sales Support 
From Jeff’s personal experience, failure is not final. He explains how simply saying yes can lead to something greater than you could have imagined.

How Do You Buy Real Estate That Is Future-Proof?
Stephanie Sarkar | Senior Investment Analyst, US Real Estate Investment 

What will our homes and cities look like 10 years from now? Stephanie gives us a glimpse into a future that includes “housecars,” shopping vans and no road signs.

Behind The Stigma Of Male Depression
Chris Porter | Manager Consolidation Services, PFS Roll-Over 

Chris opens up about his own struggles with masculinity and mental illness to encourage us to fight the stigma of weakness associated with depression.

Why Are We Here? Leading Without Knowing
David Young | Program Director, US Strategy and Transformation 

From the military to the business world, David explains how to rally the front line behind a strategic mission they might not fully understand or align with.