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From startups to major corporations, we provide solid solutions for retirement plans of all sizes. If growth is in your future, we can ensure your retirement program is prepared for the journey. Here are a few highlights of the products and services we offer:

A streamlined plan set-up and conversion process with a dedicated team of professionals for an easier transition.

Consolidation Services
Our specialists will help participants easily transition other retirement accounts into their company's 401(k) plan at John Hancock, without creating work for you or plan administrators. Participants should speak with a Financial Representative to determine if combining retirement accounts is suitable for them, as other options are available.

Retirement plans exist for participants, so we put participants first.  Every participant has a unique personal and financial situation, and preferred ways to consume information, communicate and make decisions.  That is why we offer a comprehensive and flexible enrollment and education program designed to engage employees from day one.

Our suite of enrollment options offer employees the flexibility to enroll anywhere, anytime. We offer a flexible service team that can help you ease your administrative burden, and coordinate and deliver presentations in multiple locations or time zones across the country.

All of our offerings make it easier to have a fully transparent platform where we separate plan administration charges from investments, have no proprietary fund requirements or bias, and can help ensure that participants do not pay more than their share of plan expenses. 

At John Hancock we provide you with the tools, resources and support to help you better understand and deliver on your fiduciary responsibilities.

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