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You’ve put a lot into building your nest egg. After leaving an employer, an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is one of the best ways to help maintain the hard work you put towards building for retirement. For existing John Hancock retirement plan participants, our IRAs offer more choices when it comes to continuing to save.

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  • Deferred taxes

    Grow your money tax-free until you’re ready to take it out of your IRA.

  • More IRA options 

    Most companies have limited product choices — we offer two IRA options to best fit your financial needs.

  • Award-winning support1

    Our award-winning Rollover Education Center is here to help you make an informed decision on the best retirement option for you.

Choose the right IRA for you 

If you’re an existing John Hancock retirement plan participant, you have options.

Managed IRA² 

All the benefits of an IRA with a customized strategy from our experienced advisors. With this advice-based rollover solution, we’ll select and manage your portfolio—and adjust as your life changes.    


  • A personalized strategy
  • A custom portfolio based on your strategy
  • Portfolio oversight and management by John Hancock
  • Track progress using our online portal

Investments Rollover IRA³

Choose investments based on personal preference. Flexibility and choice of funds allow you to take as much risk as you’re comfortable with depending on your needs and goals.


  • A flexible choice of funds
  • As a current participant, roll over free of sales charges for the life of the account4
  • A complete view of your financial picture when you add other account balances

Not sure? Compare your options. 

1. Roll over to a John Hancock IRA

When you roll over to an IRA with John Hancock, you have choices. Pick from various rollover solutions to keep your money invested and growing tax deferred based on your preference. 

2. Roll over to another IRA

Keep your retirement plan savings invested and growing tax deferred.

3. Roll over to a new employer’s plan

Transfer your account into your new employer’s retirement plan.

4. Stay in your plan

You may be able to keep your money in your existing plan for continued tax-deferred growth.

5. Take a cash distribution

Cashing out your retirement plan for immediate access to your money is always an option, but taxes and possible penalties may greatly limit the worth of your money.

Stay on track with help from our rollover education specialists.

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1 Stevie Award® recognition for Sales and Customer Service, 2014-2019. 

2 $5,000 minimum balance applies

3 $1,000 minimum balance applies

4 Other fees, fund expenses, and service charges may apply